Dan Cox | @videlais | #mplay

Twine Resources

Dan Cox - Old Dominion University


Wrote a series of (sometimes)
weekly Twine 1.0 posts in 2013


Recorded and produced a (nearly)
weekly series of Twine 2.0 tutorial videos in early 2015

Sharing & Hosting

Google Drive (Share: ✔ Host: ✗)

Most institutions have access

Easiest to integrate into existing pedagogy

philome.la (Share: ✗ Host: ✔)

Free hosting of Twine HTML files

Requires and is linked to Twitter account

Video Resources

"Introduction to Twine" by VegetarianZombie

"Twine 2.0 Tutorial" by Dan Cox

(Hey! That's me!)

Text Resources

Twine Forums

Cannot stress this enough!


Great collection of Twine use cases.
(Hosting information is out of date!)

Coding Help

Twine Forums

Cannot stress this enough! Best resource!

StoryFormat Documentation

Harlowe (Default Format)


Snowman (Unofficial cheatsheet)