Dan Cox | @videlais

Only the Knocked-Up Survive: The Role of Women and Labor in Fallout Shelter

Dan Cox - Old Dominion University

Shelter is the best Fallout game. Ever.

(If you rate them in terms of how quickly it inculcates you.)

Everyone is S.P.E.C.I.A.L. in their own way.

Everyone is special

You work. You fight. You die.
Except if you are a woman.

You know what dancing leads to?
(It's sex. Dancing leads to sex.)

Mating Hints on mating

Children and pregnant women cannot be hurt.
(Don't bother trying.)


Maternity leave? More like maternity stay.

Pregnant workforce

Duplicity, Complicity, and Identification with

Gaming (at the Edge) Matters

Thank you.

(Please help.)