Dan Cox | @videlais

'Working to a Home': Open-world Exploration, Labor, and the Constructed, Virtual Place

Dan Cox
Old Dominion University

No Man's Sky (2016)

Is not Minecraft (2011) in space.

Collecting without storing; destruction without creation.
Naming labor; "empire" actions

(Ruggill and McAllister, 2011;
Dyer-Witheford and de Peuter, 2009)

Home is a place of resistance, practice, and memory

(hooks, 1990;
Cresswell, 2014;
Massey, 1994)

Outside time, they can never be;
Without place, they cannot become

(Relativistic speeds without relativistic time.)

The November 27, 2016 "Foundation" patch

(More gates, more placement.)