In Summer 2023, I graduated with a PhD in Digital Media from the University of Central Florida. My dissertation applied research methods from Critical Code Studies and Media Archaeology to analyze the historical and social connections between software libraries through examining their code dependencies and structural relationships with a focus on the Twine story format Snowman.

My research focuses on Critical Code Studies, Software Studies, and Platform Studies.


Cox, D. (2021). Hands-On Dynamic Story Scripting with the ink Scripting Language. Packt. ISBN: 9781801819329

Book Chapters

Cox, D. (2022). We Make How We Learn: The Role of Community in Authoring Tool Longevity. Pp. 65-72 in The Authoring Problem, Human-Computer Interaction Series, edited by C. Hargood, D. E. Millard, A. Mitchell, and U. Spierling. Cham: Springer International Publishing.

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Community Involvement

I've been highly involved in multiple authoring tool communities including helping create and serving as the editor of the Twine Cookbook for four years, either authoring or co-authoring most of the Twine Specs technical documentation, and writing the first book on the narrative scripting language ink in 2021.